Media organization calls authorities to react to Zekic Nazi photo

Olivera Zekić
Fonet/Milica Vučković

The Serbian Coalition for Media Freedom expressed disgust over the photograph of electronic media watchdog chief Olivera Zekic in Nazi uniform and called the authorities to react under the law banning the use of neo-Nazi and Fascist symbols.

Zekic, head of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM), posted a photomontage of herself in the uniform of a Nazi SS general on her Telegram profile and told Radio Free Europe that she did it as a provocation.

“Who is Olivera Zekic provoking by promoting the Nazi uniform – the millions of Holocaust victims,” the coalition said in a press release.

It called the authorities to immediately implement the law banning neo-Nazi or Fascist events and the use of neo-Nazi and Fascist symbols saying that all system institutions and public figures should react as well or “a horrible message will be sent that there is institutional support to the reaffirmation of Nazi ideas in Serbia and the terrible consequences they have and could still cause”. “There is no greater threat to society than this message,” the Coalition said.