Mihajlovic: Rapists and bullies have no place in the media

Tanjug/MRE/Zoran Petrović

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and chair of the Serbian Government’s Coordination Body for Gender Equality Zorana Mihajlovic said that serial rapists and bullies “have never had and will never have a place in the media” and added that the media should be partners in the fight against violence rather than encourage violence.

After the pro-regime tabloid Informer published an interview with a serial rapist disclosing disturbing details of the crimes committed, Mihajlovic told the Nova.rs portal that, instead of spreading fear and panic for the sake of sensationalist reporting, the media should raise the questions of women’s safety in public places and prevention of sexual assault on women.

Spreading fear means taking a step back in all the effort and work invested so far in the fight against any kind of violence against women and girls, said Mihajlovic.