Minister Milicevic’s office: Minister prohibited from visiting Jasenovac


Serbian Minister Djordje Milicevic, who in charge of coordinating activities and measures in relations between Serbia and the diaspora, was prohibited from laying flowers and lighting a candle to the victims of the Ustasha concentration camp in Jasenovac, Croatia, said the minister’s office.

“Minister Milicevic paid a working visit to the Serbs in the vicinity of Novska, at their invitation. After the meetings with representatives of the Serbs from the local cultural and artistic society and rural local communities, the minister and his associates headed to the memorial park in Jasenovac, in order to pay respect to the Serbs killed in the infamous camp of the Independent State of Croatia,” said the minister’s office.

It said that, however, “at the very entrance to the memorial complex, the van carrying the minister was stopped by Croatian police officers who surrounded the minister’s vehicle with three police cars,” said Minister Milicevic’s office.

Dacic: “Shameful and scandalous”

Serbia’s outgoing Internal Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic described the move by the Croatian authorities to ban Minister Milicevic from laying flowers and paying respect to the victims of the Ustasha concentration camp Jasenovac as “shameful and scandalous,” said the Internal Affairs Ministry.

“This is their attitude towards the genocide of the Serbian people in Jasenovac and towards the entire fascist Independent State of Croatia,” said Dacic, Fonet reported.

He said the Foreign Affairs Ministry will send “the harshest protest to Croatia because of this shameful event.”