Minister rewards police officer who published list of victims of Belgrade school murder, sparks reactions

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MUP Srbija

Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Bratislav Gasic honoured on Saturday prominent individuals, among whom the highest award was handed over to the assistant director of the police and the head of the Belgrade Police Department, Veselin Milic, the official who published the list of potential victims of the minor K.K. in the murder in Belgrade elementary school 'Vladislav Ribnikar'.

After he published the list, the parents of the elementary school students filed a criminal complaint against Milic.

Gasic presented 22 gold medals for dedication to service and gold medals for bravery, as well as the recognition of the highest degree for the Ministry of Interior staff – the newly established ‘Star of Jakov Nenadovic’, which Milic received.

Milic emphasised in his speech that the members of Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs made it possible for all citizens of Serbia to live safely and securely today, with their hard work and commitment.

Retired police officer and MP Slavica Radovanovic said it was a “great shame” and “insult” for the parents of the murdered children that Minister Gasic honored Milic, the man against whom the parents filed a criminal complaint after he published a list of potential victims of the murder in the Belgrade school.

She said that the government representatives will have to answer for turning their heads and ignoring the systemic problems that led to mass murders in Ribnikar and Mladenovac, but also to general violence among youth.

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