Ministers condemn ‘morbid’ messages to Serbia’s President’s children on Twitter

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Serbia’s Government ministers Maja Gojkovic and Zorana Mihajlovic joined on Friday their colleague Nebojsa Stefanovic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic in condemning “morbid” messages to President Aleksandar Vucic’s children on a "fake" Twitter account.

Some media reported that morbid messages had recently been sent to Vucic’s children.

“We witness daily campaign against Serbia’s President and his family aiming at his dehumanisation and criminalisation. In such an atmosphere, we see his children becoming targets, exposed to brutal insults, threats and attacks,” Gojokovic said.

She added that such acts of hatred by those hidden behind fake accounts deserved condemnation by the entire society. Gojkovic said she was convinced the policy of attacking children did not have Serbia’s people support.

Mihajlovic said she understood different opinions, criticism, condemnation of decisions as a part of politics but added that children should be left alone.

She said the condemnation of such an attitude was a matter of basic humanity and decency and should not depend on anyone’s political affiliation.

Also, on Friday, Brnabic sharply condemned the threatening messages, while Defence Minister Stefanovic did the same on Thursday.

Later on Friday, police in the western town of Sabac interrogated the head of the opposition ‘Together for Serbia’ party Nebojsa Zelenovic for a tweet he published in 2019.

He told N1 he then compared the official number of some 700,000 members of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), led by Vucic, the number of its coalition partner Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), old Alliance of Yugoslav Communists (SKJ) and National-Socialist Party of Germany membership.

Zelenovic said no one had denied the SNS membership figure since 2019 and that he understood the questioning was for ‘verbal delict.’

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Earlier, Twitter labelled some media in Serbia as government-affiliated, causing the bitter reaction of those media.

Vucic also criticised Twitter’s decision. He said he could not wait for the social network to delete his account and thus make him “another (US President Donald) Trump,” whose account was banned by Twitter for calling people on violence after losing elections.

So far, the police, i.e., its High-Technology Crime Division, has not said if it has launched an investigation of the threats.

Such attacks have happened before, and the police have discovered the perpetrators.