Ministry to file criminal report regarding accident at Soko mine

Rudnik Soko, nesreća u rudniku Soko, nastradali radnici, rudari

The Ministry of Mining and Energy has published a report on the inspection of the mining accident in the Soko mine, which serves as a basis for the ministry to prepare a criminal report for the death of eight miners.

Minister Zorana Mihajlovic announced earlier on Saturday that the criminal complaint will be submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nis. The report includes a number of irregularities, among other things an item on prohibition of the mining works on the exploitation of coal and the construction of mining facilities on exploitation field no. 99-Soko.

“Public enterprise for underground coal mining from Resavica, performs mining works on the exploitation of coal on exploitation field no. 99-Soko, without having obtained a decision on approval for the construction of mining facilities and/or the performance of mining works, issued by the Ministry in charge of mining affairs,” reads one of the established irregularities listed in the report.

The next established irregularity is that from March 31, 2013, regarding the expiration of the approval for the execution of works on a project at the eastern field of the Soko – Sokobanja mine.


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