Miscevic: Thwarting progress and reforms sets Serbia back

NEWS 26.01.2023 11:11
Source: ANADOLIJA/Dursun Aydemir

European Integration Minister Tanja Miscevic said neither Serbia nor the European Union (EU) have lost patience with each other, but cautioned that stopping Serbia in everything that contributes to progress and reforms would not just stop it at present but also set it back.

“If everything that leads Serbia to progress and reforms were to be stopped at this very moment, that would not just mean stopping it in the moment, but setting it back,” Miscevic told Insider TV commenting the discussions on the Franco-German proposal for Kosovo, Fonet reported.

She noted that, under the latest agreement, signed and ratified in the Parliament two months ago, the European Union “will give Serbia 1.4 billion euros over the next seven years.”

“Add that to the almost five billion from the previous period, and that is just the non-reimbursable financial resources. Multiply that with loans, with aid through European investment institutions and you will get how much the EU has been here to help Serbia’s development,” said Minister Miscevic.

Commenting the allegations that Serbia’s visa-free regime has been thrown into question, the Minster noted that visa liberalization rules were defined over a decade ago, along with clear indications of what happens if the rules are not adhered to.

Speaking about an IPSOS survey results that point to a decline in the Serbian citizens’ support for EU membership, Miscevic said the Ministry has no such information and that the latest public opinion survey, conducted in the second half of December, shows that 43 percent of respondents are in favor of Serbia’s membership in the EU.

“We never had huge support for the integration process, in the best periods it stood at some 60 or 62 percent, and there was never more than 30 percent of those who are against it,” said the European Integration Minister.