Moldovan authorities deport Partizan FC supporters


The Moldovan authorities denied entry into the country to a group of Serbian nationals, prompting an exchange of accusations between Chisinau and Belgrade before they were deported.

The group of 12 young men and women traveled to Chisinau for a football match between the Belgrade-based Partizan FC and Moldovan Sheriff Tiraspol FC on February 16 hours after Moldovan President Maia Sandu claimed Russia was using foreigners to stage a coup.

Sandu told a news conference that Russia is planning a coup with the help of foreigners from Serbia, Montenegro, Russia and Belarus prompting Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic to deny her claims and demand more information from Chisniau.

Partizan FC warned its supporters not to travel to Moldova because that country’s football association decided that the match would be played to an empty stadium.

One of the Partizan supporters said in a Twitter post that they received rough treatment “with very clear discrimination” from the border authorities for five hours and were facing a wait of four days to be deported. Their passports were seized and they were given documents in Moldovan and told to sign them, supporter Mirjana Radosavljevic said.

An Instagram post said early on Tuesday morning that a part of the Partizan supporter group bought tickets for the early morning flight out of Chisinau. It said that the border authorities handed them all deportation orders at around 2 am. The others are due to take an afternoon flight. None of the social media posts disclosed the reason for the deportation.