Montenegro media watchdog calls for action against Serbia-based TV stations

NEWS 15.09.2021 15:07
Source: N1

Montenegro’s electronic media watchdog called on Wednesday for proceedings against Serbian regime-supported TV stations for violating the Cross-Border TV Convention and AVM services Directive.

The Council of the Electronic Media Agency called its Serbian counterpart the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) to initiate proceedings against TV Happy, Pink M, Pink Plus and Pink (all based in Serbia). Montenegro’s state TV (RTCG) said the Agency determined that those stations have continuously broadcast content which fans hatred, intolerance and discrimination against Montenegrins.

“Their frequest airing (especially in August and September) of demeaning, offensive or upsetting content which causes negative emotions, hostility or a desire to discriminate as well as demeaning Montenegrins by denying their national identity and particularities,” a statement said.

The Agency said that if those broadcasters continue violating the Convention standards they will face limitations on the re-broadcasting of dispute programs in Montenegro.