Montenegro’s prosecutors to check Serbia’s opposition leader claims about Mtel

NEWS 28.12.2021 17:24
Source: N1

Montenegro's Special State Prosecutor's Office is opening a case related to recent allegations made by Marinika Tepic, a deputy leader of Serbia's opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), about Mel, Nova M TV has reported on Tuesday.

Mtel was created by merging GO4YU and MTEL Austria companies which belong to the Telekom Serbia group.

Last week, Tepic told reporters that state-owned Telekom Serbia pumped money into fake contracts and paid politicians and advisors through its subordinate company Mtel in Montenegro while borrowing to pay wages.

She showed annexes to contracts with Mtel under which millions of euros were paid to President Milo Djukanovic’s family in Montenegro, a public relations company and a close friend of Serbia’s civilian security and intelligence agency (BIA) chief Bratislav Gasic.

Tepic said that a million euros were paid for the ‘Kiss Match’ app, which she claimed was used for prostitution.

Among other claims, Tepic said that Zika Gojkovic, the Movement for Renewal of Kingdom of Serbia, POKS, leader, allegedly the opposition party in Serbia, was a part of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) management team in state-owned companies.

The Mtel contracts’ annexes Tepic presented to reporters showed that Aca Djukanovic, the President’s brother, had been paid 2,557,000 euros, the Institute for Public Policy 407,000 euros, while Gasic’s best friend allegedly received more than 300,000 euros for the application.


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