N. Macedonia FM submits to OSCE plan for normalization of situation in N. Kosovo

NEWS 06.06.202322:21
Adem Altan/AFP

Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Chairman-in-Office Bujar Osmani said that his roadmap for the de-escalation and normalization of the situation in northern Kosovo has been submitted to the OSCE missions in Belgrade and Pristina, “which are to communicate and operationalize it.”

He said the nine-step roadmap, which he published over the weekend, “is not an OSCE plan, because this international organization makes decisions by consensus, but a plan by the Republic of North Macedonia and him as the OSCE Chairman-in-Office.”

“My role as OSCE chairman is to offer a solution for de-escalation. OSCE is basically a platform for dialogue, communication, for conflict management. We have two large operations, one in Pristina and the other in Belgrade,” Osmani said in an interview with the North Macedonian Telma TV.

He said his proposal is a complementary attempt, in addition to those of other international organizations and bodies, to de-escalate and normalize the situation in northern Kosovo and for the two sides, Belgrade and Pristina, to “return to the dialogue established in Ohrid.”

OSCE Chairman-in-Office and North Macedonia Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani published on June 3 a nine-step roadmap for de-escalation and normalization of the situation in north Kosovo.

His Ministry said this plan “is aimed at achieving lasting peace and stability in the north of Kosovo and the return of Kosovo Serbs to institutions and democratic processes.”