N1 contacts Serbian nationals in Kabul

NEWS 16.08.2021 10:03

Two Serbian nationals contacted by N1 in the Afghan capital said that the situation around Kabul airport is chaotic, adding that they could hear shots fired in the area.

Marko Pribak and Aleksandar Cvejic, both employees of one of the foreign companies working in Afghanistan, confirmed that Taliban forces met no resistance as they entered the city. They said that the president was reported to have fled and that negotiations to surrender the city were underway. “The situation is changing by the minute,” Cvejic said.

He said that the civilian section of Kabul international airport has been closed and that a crowd of some 2,000 Afghans are trying to get into the military section to get out of the country. Cvejic said that he heard reports of an armed man bursting into that part of the airport and added that the man was reported to have been killed.

“We have been trying to get out on a commercial flight for the past six days. Every one of those flights was canceled 24 hours before the scheduled departure. We no longer have tickets and see no way of getting out of the country on a commercial flight,” Cvejic said.

Both men said that they managed to contact Serbia’s Ambassador in India Sinisa Pavic who told them that there was just one other Serbian national in Kabul and that he was trying to contact fellow ambassadors to get them on the evacuation list. “We were helped by our friends and co-workers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia and we got to this safe place from our camp. We are now next to the entrance to the military section of the airport waiting to be allowed in. Only people on the evacuation lists are allowed through the gates,” Cvejic said.

He said they are in a hotel with other foreigners from the US, Great Britain and other countries guarded by US troops.