N1 gains access to fake PCR test document


N1 reporters gained access to a falsified negative PCR test which sources at the Serbian government e-administration office said included a fake QR code which was made using photoshop.

The false PCR test results were e-mailed to N1 by someone from an e-mail address which was used for the initial contact and following payment of 4,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) into a private account at the Mobi Bank. The reporter was first told that a negative PCR test document was not a problem and instructed to provide their national personal ID number and pay the money into the account. PCR tests cost 9,000 Dinars and can be done only in national health service system facilities.

The document that was e-mailed was a pdf and seemed to be authentic and on the right form with all the data provided on authentic documents and a QR code. The sources at the govenrment e-administration office confirmed that the document was a fake and originated from an e-mail address which was slightly different to the e-administration’s official address. The QR code when scanned displays the personal data of the person who provided the ID number.