N1 learns: Fiat workers offered severance pay of €790 per year of service

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At a two-hour meeting with the President of the Republic of Serbia, it was offered that Fiat workers who do not accept going to work abroad receive €790 in severance pay per year of service, and those who previously worked in Zastava get €500, N1 learned Saturday.

Fiat workers will be offered to vote and choose one of three options: Those whom the employer decides to keep in the Stelantis plant will receive full pay from July 1, 2022. There are around 500 such workers, which includes protected categories.

For those who voluntarily declare that they want to continue working for another employer in Kragujevac and the surrounding area, the employment will be terminated by mutual agreement with the payment of compensation in the amount of some €220 per year of service and a guarantee from the President of Serbia that they will be adequately provided with a workplace.

For those who do not accept going abroad or working in other companies, employment will be terminated by a decision on redundancy with the payment of severance pay worth €790 per year of service in Fiat and 500 euros per year of service in Zastava plants.

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