N1 TV files for national TV permit


N1 TV filed the paperwork with the Serbian electronic media watchdog REM to take part in a competition for national TV broadcast permits.

N1 has been operating as a cross-border news cable TV channel since 2014 and has profiled itself as a professional, independent and objective media outlet trusted by the Serbian public. That was proved by TVBeat which showed that N1 was among the 5 channels with the highest viewership on the networks it airs on. It has more viewers than some of the TV stations that currently hold national broadcasting permits.

“Along with local and foreign experts, we worked on developing the documentation to be able to guarantee that our programming will allow us to bring viewers at national level timely, objective and independent information with more high-quality, diverse programming,” N1 said.

The shows that attracted audiences to date, tackling topical political, economic, cultural issues in a professional, ethical and interesting way are N1’s foundation for the future. “We also plan on dozens of new shows on various topics and areas, informative in every sense, documentaries, educative, cultural content for children and young people as well as insufficiently visible minority groups.”

The value of the efforts invested by the N1 team of professionals has been recognized by organizations at home and abroad in the past eight years, winning N1 TV more than 40 awards.

“We are convinced that N1 meets all technical, organizational and programming conditions for a national permit and that it will provide all viewers in Serbia with the content they deserve, especially unbiased and objective reporting. If N1 gets the permit it plans to make multi-million investments into program quality and diversity and the strengthening of capacities,” it said.