NATO Parliamentary Assembly: KFOR agreed on the withdrawal of the attackers from Banjska to Serbia

NEWS 26.05.202415:03 0 komentara

The report of the Commission for Defense and Security of the Parliamentary Assembly of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), which was discussed in Sofia, stated that the KFOR mission in Kosovo agreed with the attackers who retreated to the Banjska monastery in the north of Kosovo, that they should retreat to the territory of Serbia on September 24 last year, Pristina media reported on Sunday. Pročitaj više

„KFOR officials negotiated the retreat of the rest of the group into the surrounding forests, where they disappeared. Kosovo authorities believe that potentially hundreds of other attackers were hiding in the forests between Banjska and the border with Serbia. They also discovered a large cache of weapons. Anti-tank rockets, mortars, anti-tank mines and 24 vehicles, one of which was armoured, were discovered,“ the NATO report broadcast by Pristina’s Klan Kosova television said.

The meeting of the Commission for Defence and Security was held on the first day of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, where on Monday the promotion of the status of the Assembly of Kosovo from an observer to an associated member is on the agenda. Serbian delegation led by MP Natasa Jovanovic opposes this move.

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