NBS: Investors think Serbia deserves investment grade


The National Bank of Serbia (NBS) said on Friday that investors at the Frontier Markets Conference told its delegation that Serbia deserves an investment grade.

A press release said that the combined NBS-Finance Ministry delegation met with 75 investors at the London conference organized by JP Morgan with talks focusing on projections and outlook. “All investors concluded that Serbia’s macroeconomic fundamentals are excellent and that an investment grade is long-deserved,” it said.

According to the NBS, investors view Serbia as “a highly positive example of a country that has achieved a lot in the past years …. and – owing to the credible policies it has pursued – has proven its acumen in maintaining stability and remaining on the growth trajectory”.

“The investors also applauded the new set of measures announced by the Serbian President, as well as excellent coordination of monetary and fiscal policies,” the press release said.