Nestorovic: I have no ambitions to become minister

Rade Prelić/Tanjug

Branimir Nestorovic, who tops the We – The Voice of the People ticket, said he has no ambitions to become a minister or for his movement to become part of the ruling structures at all cost.

He also reiterated that his movement will not support any of the contenders for forming a majority in Belgrade’s local assembly.

“We don’t intend to join the government immediately. We are very small, and are only just forming a party. We want to create a strong movement over the next two, three years, which will then be able to participate in the government. Because when you are small and a minority partner to a large, powerful party, that party swallows you up,” Nestorovic told the daily Politika.

He repeated that most of his ticket’s councilors will neither side with the ruling party nor with the opposition in the Belgrade Assembly, adding that, if there is a repeat of elections, they will be a “springboard” for strengthening the movement.