New Zealander in Belgrade: Serbia must provide clean air for its youngest

NEWS 28.11.2021 14:35

Carol Jagic, who moved to Belgrade from New Zealand two years ago, expressed support for the protest in Belgrade on Sunday and said that the citizens of the country she comes from managed to fight for rivers in their country having “the status of a living person.”

Jagic said that it is not right that her five-year-old child knows how to use the mobile application to check the air quality before deciding whether to go outside or not.

„I was here for the first time six years ago, I fell in love with the city, the country, history, culture and a guy from Belgrade… I always came back to Belgrade and decided to stay,“ said Jagic at the gathering organised by environmental activists.

She called Serbia a wonderful and safe country.

She said that there is “a strong sense of community” among the people of Serbia and that she feels at home in the country.

“But like any other country, Serbia has its problems. Certainly, the biggest problems are with ecology,” she said, adding that the country “must do everything to provide quality air for its youngest.”

“New Zealand is one of the cleanest countries in the world where the river has the status of a living person, but it was not always like that – the people fought for it through activism,” she said.


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