No Russian oil for Serbia as of November 1, Brnabic: Croatia’s ultimatum

NEWS 06.10.202211:38

The “introduction of sanctions” against Serbia by the European Union (EU) in the energy sector, at Croatia’s “explicit request” and on the basis of “its ultimatum”, directly causes hundreds of millions of Euros worth of damages to Serbia and its citizens, said Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, Fonet reported.

“The European Union allowed these sanctions at the expense of the lives and living standard of all Serbian people, including the members of the Croat national minority. This will cost us hundreds of millions of Euros,” Brnabic told Happy TV.

In her opinion, Croatia requested these sanctions, “and brags about it” because Serbia is asking that persons responsible for the 1995 crime near Bosanski Petrovac, when Croatian aircrafts killed civilians, including children, be punished.

Brnabic said the Croatian leadership made no effort to hide that they are responsible for this, and added: “This is Croatia’s open act of hostility towards Serbia.”

She explained that, because of these sanctions, the oil coming via the JANAF pipeline, built also by Serbia and its people in former Yugoslavia with their money, will be at least 20 percent more expensive.

“What they thought they would do to Russia they did to us on Wednesday, because we depend on the oil pipeline in Croatia. They are using energy for political blackmail and retribution. Croatia is, and the EU has allowed it. They are using energy for political goals,” said Brnabic adding that she cannot wait for an explanation from the EU.

Serbia’s Mining and Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said that, starting November 1, the Serbian Oil Industry (NIS) will only be importing non-Russian oil and added that NIS has been preparing for this for months.