Nova daily: SPC Synod bans bishops interfering with political parties’ rivalry

Source: n1

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Synod sent a letter to the bishops banning them "interfere in secular affairs" and providing support to parties and politicians, Nova daily reported on Monday.

„In particular… any participation in party competitions, giving public statements in favour of or to the detriment of certain parties or candidates in and outside the election process is inadmissible,“ the letter read, adding that Patriarch Porfirije, the SPC head, accepted the decision.

The letter came 18 days after Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Bishop Grigorije, the head of the Eparchy of Düsseldorf and all of Germany openly lent support to Vladeta Jankovic, the leading opposition coalition’s Belgrade mayor candidate.

People Nova daily talked to said that the letter was motivated by fear that some bishops could support the opposition. On the other hand, praise of the authorities was published on the SPC official website, the




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