Activists ‘save’ Linglong’s fired whistleblower despite security

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The activists from Serbia's northern town of Zrenjanin succeeded in taking a fired Vietnamese whistleblower from the Chinese Longlong tire factory on Wednesday despite the local security trying to prevent them.

The man spoke to the N1 crew about dire conditions in which 500 Vietnamese employees lived and worked in the Chinese company.

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Among other things, the company’s management confiscated their passports.

Activists came to pick the man up by a car, put him in, but private security, hired to guard the barracks where the workers lived, surrounded the activists and jumped on the car’s hood.

One of them shouted: „You have no right to take anyone out of the factory.“

The situation was on the edge of an incident after other Vietnamese workers came out of the barracks, pushed the security workers away and held them until the car with their colleague left the factory.

Activists from the two NGOs who rescued a whistleblower from the Linglong construction site (A11 and ASTRA) said that they filed charges for human trafficking and sent requests to seven state institutions, including the Public Prosecutor, Police trafficking department, Labor Inspection and the Ombudsman, calling them to react over the case of the Vietnamese laborers.

The activists went to a lawyer and then to the local police station to try to return the man’s passport.

The N1 shocking report last Friday prompted NGOs fierce reaction and made the state send inspectors to check on the workers’ conditions.

However, on Tuesday night, a Chinese man briefly blocked an N1 crew’s car on their way out of the factory.

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