Belgrade won’t impose sanctions on Russia

NEWS 13.05.2022 15:18

The news portal said on Friday that the Serbian Council for National Security did not decide to impose sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

“ has learned that the Council for National Security agreed to continue efforts to revoke recognition of Kosovo and that there will be no change in Serbia’s stand on the issue of sanctions against Russia,” the portal said quoting an unnamed source.

It recalled that the initial decision on the sanctions was taken at a session of the Council in February when President Aleksandar Vucic said Serbia would not impose sanctions on Russia even though the European Union is demanding just that. The source said that official Belgrade decided not to back down on its stand.

President Vucic made no statement after chairing the Council session, leaving outgoing Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic to speak to the media.

Selakovic said that Serbia is in a very difficult situation. “Our state is exposed to tremendous pressure to accept a violation of the territorial integrity of our state, accept the destruction of international law. We have information that two big states are offering support to Pristina,” he said.

The Council session was called over Pristina’s application for membership in the Council of Europe. It was attended by several cabinet ministers and Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic, leader of the pro-Russia Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS).