EPS to turn into a joint-stock company

NEWS 27.07.2022 16:35

The Serbian power company (EPS) has officially launched the process of changing its ownership structure, and already in the course of next year the company is expected to transform into a join-stock company, the portal reported.

People`s Party (NS) deputy leader Miroslav Aleksic announced on Twitter that the public company EPS passed a decision on July 25 to set up an expert team tasked with changing the legal form of the company.

The idea is to transform EPS into a joint-stock company, while the process will be led by a team comprising a managing board and an operational team.

According to the EPS decision, in its conclusion of November 27, 2014 the Government accepted the EPS reorganization program, which envisages a change of the company`s legal form to a joint-stock company.

The transformation into a joint-stock company will pave the way for the privatization of a part of the company, through capital increase or strategic partnership. The Serbian Government has already prepared an assessment of assets, reported, adding it learns that the entire process of the company’s transition into a joint-stock company should be completed by January 2023.