journalist receives death threats

vojislav milovančević
Izvor: Filip Krainčanić/

Vojislav Milovancevic, a journalist at the news portal, received insulting and threatening messages, some of which represent direct threats to his life and security, from several anonymous accounts on Twitter on Thursday evening.

The threats came after the publication of an article in which Milovancevic mentioned a case of rape at the Orthodox Theological Faculty. One Twitter user called on people to respond to Milovancevic, after which unknown persons sent insulting and threatening messages to the journalist, under the pretext of protecting the reputation of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Due to the sensitivity of the content, the portal decided not to publish the messages sent to Milovancevic, but they have already been forwarded to the competent Prosecutor’s Office for High-Tech Crime with criminal charges against unidentified persons.


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