says SNS abusing basketball players

Cetiri kosarkasa
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The portal said on Thursday that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is “abusing the country’s top athletes for its election campaign” by publishing a list of more than 1,000 academics, authors, directors and athletes that it claims support Aleksandar Vucic’s nomination for president.

“The SNS is ready to do everything to remain in power and that is nothing new. Lies, threats, blackmail, thugs and other dirty methods have become part of the political folklore in election campaigns at all levels from parliament to local councils,” the portal said and added that this time the SNS was misusing top basketball players – Nikola Jokic, Vasilije Micic, Zeljko Rebraca and Boban Marjanovic – who allegedly lent their support to Vucic.

The portal said that a number of portals and media outlets quoted what looked like a SNS press release said that Nikola Jokic, the MVP of the NBA “recognized the results and energy of president Vucic and his party”. said that there were no reports of when and where he voiced that support. Jokic was at Vucic’s inauguration five years ago and was one of a number of celebrities there but never made any public statement of support for Vucic.

Euroleague MVP Vasilije Micic was never mentioned in terms of the inauguration but has now been pulled forward. Boban Marjanovic did put his name on a list public figures supporting Vucic at the elections for the Belgrade City Assembly but also made no public comments while Zeljko Rebraca has never been connected to Vucic nor made any public statement about the SNS and its leader, said.

“Those four basketball players might really be standing by the Serbian president but the question is why they are not saying anything while their names are being reported on a number of portals. Are they ashamed to speak out in public or is this a classic case of forgery and abuse of names of people who won’t say anything,” the portal said.