NUNS: Another attack on Serbia’s journalist


The Independent Association of Serbia's Journalists (NUNS) on Tuesday strongly condemned the targeting of NewsMax Adria journalist Zeljko Veljkovic, as well as the "flood of insults and threats made to him on social networks."

The insults followed Pink TV’s report about Veljkovic broadcast on June 19, in which, as NUNS said, „his (Veljkovic’s) sentences were taken out of context“, along with comments in which he mentioned Srebrenica and crimes against Albanians in the NewsMax Adria’s programme Review of the Day on June 18.

NUNS described the report as a spin.

That case came almost simultaneously with a death threat to another journalist on his Instagram profile.

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Veljkovic told NUNS that „everything that happened sends a clear message from the state – we should believe in a lie, the truth is dangerous.“

„Almost at the same time, the government and its media spread an obvious and easily verifiable lie that Montenegro accused all Serbs and Serbia of genocide,“ Veljkovic said.

He said his „introduction to the programme (related to Srebrenica) was clear – crimes have happened, war profiteers exist, but both have their names and exclusively personal responsibility, „Veljkovic told NUNS.

NUNS added it would register the case of that latest attack in its ‘Database of Attacks and Pressure on Journalists,’ as well as in the regional database, and inform international organisations about it.