NUNS: Mafia-style threats to N1’s Jelena Zoric; UNS: Bar Association to react

Serious, the mafia-style threats made by Svetislav Bojic, a defence lawyer in the case of the Jovanjica marijuana farm, who passed on his client's messages to N1's journalist Jelena Zoric over her reporting, require a quick and efficient reaction by the public prosecutor's office, the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) said on Thursday, demanding that state authorities provide security to the endangered journalist.

The Association of Serbia’s Journalists (UNS) requested the disciplinary bodies of the Belgrade Bar Association react urgently to the threats.

NUNS recalled that the lawyer of Predrag Koluvija, the main indictee in the „Jovanjica“ case, approached Jelena Zoric on December 28 after the hearing and conveyed her client’s words that she „destroys and tears him apart by reporting.“

„Whoever sinned against Peđa has not done well,“ Bojic said. The next day he told Zoric: „Peđa’s was almost freed from detention today, and he greeted you very, very much.“

Comparing the messages to „those from films about the mafia,“ NUNS said they are „more than a clear threat.“

„We join the request of H1 television, which will ask the bar associations, of which lawyer Bojic is a member, whether his recent actions are following the ethical standards of that profession and request that his lawyer’s license be temporarily suspended until the bar associations’ final decision,“ NUNS said.

Fully supporting Jelena Zoric and the N1 editorial office, NUNS is convinced that she will continue to report on the „Jovanjica“ case and other topics bravely and professionally.

„We will inform the international associations of journalists about this case, and we will do everything to keep the case present in public until a court epilogue,“ the NNS said.

The Association of Serbia’s Journalists (UNS) also requested that the Belgrade Bar Association’s disciplinary bodies urgently react to the threats.

„UNS expects the Bar Association to distance itself from these threats and to examine whether Svetislav Bojić deserves to continue to practice law,“ UNS said.

It welcomed the reaction of the police and the prosecution to Zoric’s report about the threat.