Obradovic: Serbia faced with social crisis, we must strip Vucic of power

NEWS 19.09.202314:50

Serbian Movement Dveri leader Bosko Obradovic told N1 that elections can be a way out of the political and social crisis in the country, and that it was important to "enter a crisis of government.”

“We are in a huge political and especially social and economic crisis, elections can be a way out of this crisis but on condition that we strip (Serbian President) Aleksandar Vucic of power, put an end to his absolute power at all levels,” said Obradovic.

He added that it was important to „enter a crisis of government“ and for the people “to get out of the crisis” in which crime and corruption rule and all institutions are being destroyed.

Obradovic said he believes the Serbian opposition stands a chance of winning the next election.

“I think it is very important that the opposition has taken the position that we should have elections at all levels, the next step is also very important: a non-aggression pact, so we jointly secure better electoral conditions, defend the election results, and for me the most important – unification of the opposition,” said Obradovic.

He voiced his opinion that the opposition should run in elections in two columns rather than in one.

“So we don’t let them divide us, but run in two columns and achieve a result at all levels,” he said, adding that a single ticket is no longer an option.

“The ideological differences are vast and a certain number of voters will not vote for the ‘catch all’ column, for that mishmash, they will reject it. And when you have two columns, people will recognize themselves in one of them and vote,” said Obradovic.

In a normal state it would be normal to have a dialogue between the government and the opposition, agree on which elections will be held and when, he said, adding: “But in Serbia it is not realistic to expect this.”

Asked how he thinks to cooperate with some opposition parties when he recently “chose a third path,” Obradovic said:

“We need to differentiate between two things, one is politics and platform, the other is technical issues. We are an emerging new force, a state-building patriotic force, we are new because he have never been in power. Vucic is just pretending to be a patriot so as to keep the patriotic body in the party, he is managing to keep them because he has all the media that we have not appeared in for a year and a half now.”

He described the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) as a “fake patriotic party” that he could never cooperate with.

“The SNS is a scam, it’s fake, false patriotism, pure marketing,” said Obradovic.

He added that the pro-European path is also not his choice, that some are “going back to the failed EU idea,” but that the Dveri Movement will not cooperate on that idea.