Open Society Foundation denies Soros finances Serbia’s activist

NEWS 17.02.2022 19:28

Open Society Foundation Serbia denied Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin's claim that George Soros, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, had financed the environmentalist 'Go–Change' Initiative and its leader Savo Manjolovic.

Manojlovic published the Foundation denial on his Twitter account in which the Foundation said it was surprised with Vulin’s claim that Manojlovic received „a million d from Soros.“

„I understand Sava Manojlovic, who leads all that (a protest outside ‘Serbia Palace’ during a Statehood Day award ceremony). A few days ago, he received a million from Soros; let him deny me if it is not true, let him say I did not receive a million from Soros, Rockefeller does not finance me, they never paid me anything. He must justify the money he received, and that is why he is doing this on holiday,“ Vulin said on Tuesday.

The Foundation said it had authorised 500,000 euros in recent years to Serbia’s civil sector and local communities for environmental improvement through empowering transparency and responsibility in managing the environment and achieving goals in that area, including climate.

It added it remained open to cooperation with civil society organisations, authorities and the business community in improving the environment and transition to an environmentally sustainable society in Serbia.


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