Opposition blasts Vucic over incident in Kosovo


Two major opposition parties called the Serbian authorities headed by President Aleksandar Vucic to explain exactly what happened at the Banjska monastery and warned that the incident gives the authorities in Pristina an excuse to refuse to implement agreements.

The Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) said that the Kosovo Serbs have been left to the mercy of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s crazed regime which is waging open terror against them.

“The incompetence of Vucic, (security agency chief Aleksandar) Vulin and (Defense Minister Milos) Vucevic and other incompetent (Serbian Progressive Party) SNS personnel and cooperation with criminals who have become the richest people in Serbia while “defending” the Serbian people in Kosovo, the Kosovo Serbs have been left at the mercy of the crazed Kurti regime which is waging open terror against them. We sharply condemn all violence against the people who are hostages to the irresponsible decisions of politicians,” the SSP said in a statement.

It warned that “Kurti’s refusal to meet Pristina’s obligations and form the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM), the illegitimate elections and repression over the Serbs which is leading to their fast removal is a certain path to tension and conflict”. It added that Vucic’s “senseless decision for Serbian officers to quit the Kosovo Police left our people unprotected from Kurti’s repression and the criminals who broke into the Banjska monastery and pointed their weapons at the priests”.

The Democratic Party (DS) called Vucic to immediatelly and fully inform the public about events in Banjska. A statement said that Vucic did not provide any answers about the events which could easily create a wider conflict with attempts to draw in the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC).

“The authorities are obliged to say who the men are who clased with the police at Banjska, what barricades they put up and with what aim,” it added.

The DS warned that the killing of a policeman provides the perfect excuse to obstruct the implementation of agreements and exert even more pressure on the Serb-majority municipalities in northern Kosovo. It said that Kurti and his government bear great responsibility for the crisis.