Opposition candidate: ‘Serb World’ risky phrase for Serbs’ interest in region

NEWS 28.03.2022 19:43
Source: Tanjug/Tara Radovanović

Opposition 'United for Serbia's Victory' coalition's presidential candidate in April 3 elections, retired general Zdravko Ponos, said on Monday he was against the idea of the 'Serb World", promoted by Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin last year.

„I think that it is a quite risky and unhealthy phrase for the interests of our people in the region. If someone believed that Serbs, wherever they live, should have one leader sitting in Belgrade, that is not healthy and good,“ Ponos told the state RTS TV.

He underlined that those people realised a good part of their interests in the countries where they live and that Serbia needed to help them in another way.

„Of course, Serbia should help them, protect them through schooling, investments, take care of the preservation of cultural heritage, but they exercise a good part of their rights in those countries, and they should not be disturbed,“ he said.

Ponos added that other countries in the region should do the same.

„Bosnia and Herzegovina is a complex creation, an unfinished state, to put it that way. Serbia should help entities, peoples, and citizens within Bosnia and Herzegovina find a mechanism to build on that state, not prompt them. It goes for both Belgrade and Zagreb,“ Ponos said.

According to him, the Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the war in BiH in 1995 is the basis for the functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that the government should be controlled by the representatives of the people living in those areas, adding that „it will never function“ as long as someone comes from abroad.

Asked if he would attend the celebration of the Day of Republika Srpska on January 9, Ponos said he would like Republika Srpska, BiH’s Serb-dominated semi-autonomous entity, to have something to celebrate, but that „it is better when those celebrations are not militant and when messages are sent from them are peace and coexistence in Bosnia and Herzegovina „.

„Of course, one should also consider that many people lost their lives fighting for Republika Srpska, that the Army of Republika Srpska created Republika Srpska, but militancy in celebrations is not the happiest solution, given the complexity of relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina,“ he said.


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