Opposition claims fraud in Belgrade, new vote expected at 5 polling stations

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Serbia's opposition legal teams have evidence of irregularities and election fraud, the leader of the Green – Left 'We Must' (Moramo) coalition's parliamentary list Nebojsa Zelenovic said after a meeting of opposition representatives.

Zoran Alimpic, a member of the City Election Commission (GIK) on behalf of the ‘United for Belgrade’s Victory’ coalition told N1 on Wednesday that GIK reported preliminary results after 88.63 percent of votes were counted from 1,170 polling stations in Belgrade, but that 133 records were missing.

„Something is wrong, and the GIK can try to correct those mistakes to avoid new voting. Where errors cannot be corrected, there will be re-elections. Data have been corrected in 128 records, and, for now, the April 3 vote will be annulled and the elections held again at five polling stations,“ Alimpic said.

The head of the opposition ‘Movement for Reversal’ Janko Veselinovic said the opposition data showed 485,000 votes for them and 412,000 in favour of the regime parties.

„It’s 73,000 more pro-opposition voters, a size of some towns in Serbia,“ he added.

The opposition will file more complaints by tonight’s deadline, and Veselinovic said changes are possible and that the regime opponents could form a majority in the City Assemble.

„It seems to me that the authorities decided to take the election from Belgraders, and maybe they will have to defend it in the street,“ he added.

On Tuesday, the ‘United for Belgrade’s Victory’ opposition coalition submitted a request to the City Election Commission to inspect the list of all polling stations where irregularities were noted.

The Commission published preliminary results for the City Assembly, showing the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) having the most votes.

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As in general elections, right-wingers did well in the capital.

„The Government created an environment for the growth of the rightists, and no one should be surprised with the success of the three right-wing options,“ Despot Kovacevic of the Faculty of Political Sciences told N1.

Florian Bieber, an expert on the Balkans, told the Voice of America (VOA) the ruling Serbian Progressive Party also contributed to the good result of the right-wing parties in the elections in Serbia suited its leader Aleksandar Vucic.

However, the two right-wing parties suggested they were ready to cooperate with the SNS opponents from the other side of the political scene.

The presidential candidate of the national coalition ‘HOPE’ (NADA), Milos Jovanovic, told N1 that he was in favour of changing Belgrade’s government and confirmed he would cooperate with the opposition in the capital.

Also, the president of the nationalist ‘Oath Keeprs’ party, Milica Djurdjevic Stamenkovski, said that the party „has the will“ to change the City government.