Opposition coalition blames Vucic for publication of Miketic’s explicit content

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Nova.rs/Zoran Lončarević

The 'Serbia against violence' coalition said that the president of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, was behind the publication of sexually explicit video of opposition MP Djordje Miketic. Pročitaj više

The ‘Serbia against violence’ issued a press release, claiming that Vucic announced the video publication during his appearance on Pink TV.

“The President also said there were parts that did not appear yet. So, he watched the entire video and clearly he ordered its publication. Everything we see and learn speaks about the clear abuse of all security services, which instead of dealing with the safety of citizens, serve to monitor the opposition politicians and demonise them. It is clear that these abuses will mark the pre-election campaign,” said the press release.

Serbia’s electronic media watchdog initiated proceedings against the pro-regime TV Pink for airing the sexually explicit video in its morning show on Friday.

The Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) said that the broadcasting of the video was in violation of the law on electronic media. The video of opposition MP Djordje Miketic and his wife that TV Pink aired has been posted on social media. Miketic said that it was on a computer stolen from his home a year ago and added that it was used to intimidate him and other opponents of the Serbian regime.

Electronic media watchdog says pro-regime TV Pink breaks law

“What’s even worse, Aleksandar Vucic and the Serbian Progressive Party are responsible for the second recording that we will not see on Pink TV. In that video, made by a brave CINS journalist, you can see how the ruling party buys votes for the next elections and exposes the whole mechanism of how people are paid to vote for SNS with state money and money made through corrupt activities. After the change of government, everyone involved in this crime will be held accountable”, said the ‘Serbia against violence’ coalition.

It is also said that Miketic informed the coalition that he was withdrawing from the campaign as an opposition candidate for city councilor, so as not to harm the idea that the ‘Serbia against violence’ is fighting for, assessing it as a responsible move.

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