Opposition leader files charges against Serbia’s President; Vucic: No comment

Dragan Đilas
Tanjug / Zoran Žestić

Dragan Djilas, the leader of Serbia's opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), said on Tuesday he filed criminal charges against five people, including President Aleksandar Vucic and Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, saying they "are involved in forging documents about my alleged companies and accounts on Mauritius, in Hong Kong and who know which other destinations."

Later on Tuesday, Vucic did not want to comment on the charges, saying everyone had the right to do that and that it was up to the institutions to do their job.

The other three include Vladanka Malovic, the chief of the Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) information department, Milorad Vucelic, the editor-in-chief of the Vecernje Novosti daily and Andrijana Nesic, a journalist with the daily.

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Speaking to reporters, Djilas said he charged the five of „preparing, distributing and later creating an affair based on those false documents.“

He said that since Vucic and Malovic had announced the affair before the daily reported on it, it was more likely that the newspaper was told to publish those allegations.

Regarding the charges against Mali, Djilas said he filed them because the Minister „had been claiming on TV channels for five days that I violated Serbia’s law also based on those fabricated papers.“

Djilas recalled that the Deutsche Bank confirmed its former branch at Mauritius wasn’t operational since 2018 and that thus the report on his account there was untrue.