Opposition marked the new elections in Belgrade as a victory

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The Assembly of the City of Belgrade was not constituted within the legal deadline, after the elections held on December 17 last year, thus new elections will be held in the capital of Serbia. The opposition parties assessed such an outcome as a great victory.

The continuation of the constituent session of the Belgrade City Assembly was scheduled for Sunday, but there was no quorum. Representatives of the ruling parties – the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) – did not come to the session, while councillors from the opposition coalitions „Serbia against Violence“ and NADA remained in the assembly hall.

„Today is a special day for all Belgraders and me personally when after 10 years the SNS is no longer able to form the government in Belgrade,“ said the candidate of the pro-European coalition „Serbia against violence,“ Vladimir Obradovic, after the city parliament was not constituted in the legal deadline.

The elections will be repeated, the conditions will be changed and „Belgrade will get a new chance to have the government it deserves,“ said Obradovic.

This scenario was known after the SNS leadership decided to hold new elections in Belgrade at the „request“ of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Namely, the SNS and SPS did not have a majority in the city parliament and to form the city government they needed the help of the biggest surprise of the elections in Serbia – the controversial right-wing movement „Mi – Glas iz naroda“.

In that movement, however, there was a split regarding whether the SNS should be supported in Belgrade, and Vucic believed that without the support of all the movement councillors, the government in the capital would not be legitimate.

The opposition, on the other hand, demanded a repeat of the elections in Belgrade due to the observed irregularities in the elections on December 17, which included pressure on voters and the migration of voters to Belgrade from other cities in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Republika Srpska entity.

The arguments presented by the opposition were also found in the Resolution of the European Parliament on the elections in Serbia, as well as in the ODIHR report. The opposition demands that before the new elections, all the recommendations of the ODIHR be fulfilled.

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