Opposition MP: Government bans recording aerial footage of protests

NEWS 07.06.202320:42
Čitalac N1

Head of the opposition People’s Party MP caucus Miroslav Aleksic said the authorities have banned the recording of aerial footage of the Serbia Against Violence protest scheduled for June 9.

Aleksic described this as the authorities’ attempt to prevent the public from seeing how many Serbian citizens gather at the protests demanding change, “so they could manipulate the numbers through the media that they control,” said the People’s Party (NS).

“The regime is trying, in every way, with lies and manipulation, to reduce the number of people assembled, so it resorts to bans of this kind, because the truth is their biggest enemy. If the previous two protests could be filmed, there isn’t a single reason why it shouldn’t be the same this time,” said Aleksic.

He called on the authorities to accept the complaint by the National cluster of unmanned aircraft vehicles and affiliates sectors and allow the filming of the protest using drones.

He added that the protest will be held in spite of this, because it is clear to the people of Serbia “what messages are being sent to them through the regime media,” which is the reason why their number at the protests keeps increasing.

“Let everyone do their job, and I guarantee the regime heads that they won’t keep their jobs for much longer,” said Aleksic.