Opposition MP receives death threats


Opposition MP Radomir Lazovic is reported to have received a death threat in a Facebook post.

Danas daily’s portal quoted the post as saying that “may you end up like Oliver Ivanovic so we can celebrate”. Ivanovic was a Kosovo Serb politician opposed to the Serbian regime who was gunned down in front of his offices in Mitrovica North in 2018.

Lazovic told N1 that this was not the only threat he received. “Threats like this happened, just like Ivanovic was targeted in videos produced by the authorities,” he said.

The Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own MP recalled a verbal assault on him in front of parliament by a former Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP. “This is not just one threat but an entire campaign against people opposed to (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic. I am more interested in why the police did nothing against the man who ambushed me on the steps of parliament,” he said.