Opposition MPs in show of support for N1, Nova

NEWS 06.12.2022 12:55
Source: N1

Several Serbian opposition MPs lent their support to N1 and Nova S by raising signs saying Darkness in Serbia without free media at the opening of a session of parliament.

The MPs raised the signs while TV camera crews and photographers entered the hall. The signs were raised by MPs from the United MP group, People’s Party, Democratic Party, Moramo-Zajedno and Green-Left Club. One ruling coalition MP also raised a flag with the words No Surrender over a map of Kosovo.

Ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP group chief Milenko Jovanov refused to speak demanding that chairwoman Elvira Kovac provide conditions to continue the session. Kovac called the opposition MPs to lower the signs, saying that the message of support was conveyed. “You were obviously waiting for the media, you’ve finished your performance, everyone saw it, I think that’s enough,” she said.

N1 and Nova S TV stations have been broadcasting the words Darkness in Serbia without free media instead of their regular programming since midnight on the night of Monday-Tuesday.