Opposition politician: Chinese Zijin workers sexually harassed young girls

NEWS 19.06.202112:38 0 komentara

The deputy leader of the Party of Freedom and Justice, Marinika Tepic, told Nova.rs that there are often incidents involving Chinese workers employed in the company Zijin in the village of Metovnica, and that three of them recently sexually harassed minors.

„The girls were playing, and they (the workers) approached them and asked them to have sex. The children were terrified,“ Tepic said.

The girls were aged between 10 and 14, she said.

„The girls were terrified because they understood what it was about, especially the older ones. According to them, they constantly mentioned the word „sex“ and invited them to approach them. One of the younger girls told her mother what had happened,” she said, adding that the mother immediately called the police.

The mother also spoke to parents of other girls who said that this was not the first time the Chinese workers harassed minors in the area, Tepic said.

„They told her that children collect rocks when they see Chinese workers walking through the village to defend themselves in case they approach them,“ Tepic stressed.

The police confirmed what was happening and that this was not the first such incident, she stressed.

However, Tepic said it was difficult to identify the workers in question, arguing that, according to the mother of the victim, the police did not react quickly enough to the report.

“I was told by the police that they had done everything in their power. Now it is the turn of the prosecution,” Tepic concluded.