Opposition politician: Western powers tolerate Vucic staying in power because of lithium mining

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Zdravko Ponos, the leader of the Serbia Center (SRCE) party, stated that following the June elections, the possibility of lithium mining in Serbia is increasing and that this is one of the reasons why Western powers tolerate electoral fraud and allow President Aleksandar Vucic to remain in power.

„After the elections, Aleksandar Vucic has a clear path for lithium mining. The promise that this is a great opportunity for a better life and prosperity does not hold. It seems that it has been agreed and signed that mining in Serbia will be profitable, which means it is unsafe. No one knows exactly what has been signed, which likely means that the agreement is made to be profitable rather than safe for the environment,“ Ponos said at the Founding Assembly of the SRCE party’s city organization in Kikinda.

According to the party’s statement, he added that the SNS government aligns with the interests of foreign powers and that these powers and the current government need a suitable opposition.

„They benefit from an unqualified, greedy, and corruptible opposition, as well as one that panders to foreign embassies and is not a true opposition. They don’t need an opposition willing to shoulder the burden for the common and public good without considering if they will benefit from it,“ Ponos stated.
In his view, „Serbia is not on the right path,“ and the best path for Serbia is the European Union.

„Whatever its flaws, it is the best project of our time. Nothing else is an option for the part of the world to which we belong,“ Ponos concluded.

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