Opposition: Serbia’s ruling party turns executioner into victim


The opposition Free Citizens Movement, Party of Freedom and Justice, People’s Party, and Democratic Party called on Friday on Serbia’s institutions to resist pressure from “a criminal (ruling Serbian Progressive Party) SNS’ group” and to, according to law and conscience, conduct proceedings against people who endangered the lives of citizens on the bridge over the Sava River in the western town of Sabac two weeks ago.

Serbia’s environmentalist and NGO activists organised mass protests, including roadblocks across the country in the last two weekends over the controversial laws on referendum and expropriation.

A fight happened in Sabac when the man trying to stop the excavator beat an SNS member who drove it during the first one on November 27.

Others used identical sticks and hammers in an attempt to disperse the peaceful crowd.

The opposition parties’ commented on Friday’s hearing before the town’s prosecutors’ office of the man who prevented a potential tragedy caused by the SNS member who threatened to drive an excavator into the protesting crowd.

The prosecutors summoned that man on as a witness.

„The fact that the man who stopped the excavator and prevented the tragedy is seen responsible, while the man who drove the machine toward the people including mothers with children, is called as a witness, is in line with the SNS tactics to turn a victim into an executioner, and vice versa, what we have seen many times,” the Democratic Party’s press release said.

It added that there were still honest people in the judiciary and police and that they hoped that the excavator driver and “his bandits will be arrested, processed and be held responsible for the crime they committed.”

“We promise Sabac people we won’t allow this unprecedented event to be pushed aside by any other topic. Although under constant threats by the ruling party’s bullies, we will do everything to make the institutions do their job and satisfy the justice,” the press release said.


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