Opposition ‘United for Serbia’s Victory’ calls on people to vote on Sunday

Source: Maja Đurić

The opposition 'United for Serbia's Victory' coalition candidates walked through the centre of Belgrade on Tuesday under the slogan 'Victory Walk,' calling on people to turn out and vote in Sunday's presidential, early elections and the capital's elections.

„We should preserve the spirit of optimism and goodwill until Sunday when we can turn our destiny in another direction; on Sunday, we have the opportunity to stop this once and for all. We need everyone who thinks differently from the (ruling) Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)… to go to the polls and vote,“ the coalition’s candidate for Belgrade Mayor Vladeta Jankovic said.

He added that „SNS shows its face, especially in the last days, with rising violence, which is not something close to us.“

Marinika Tepic. The first on the coalition’s parliamentary list said: „Please make Sunday a solemn day for us, don’t look at the sky – they announced rain, bring an umbrella, bring your loved ones and help liberate our Serbia and Belgrade because people deserved to live better.“


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