Parliament speaker: Opposition not interested in Kosovo but in attacking Vucic

NEWS 23.01.2023 09:51
Source: Tanjug/Jadranka Ilić

Serbian Parliament speaker and Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) deputy leader Vladimir Orlic said all the opposition cares about is attacking Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic whatever he does, this time over the proposed document for Kosovo.

Orlic told Pink TV that Vucic definitely has it the hardest, because everyone just could not wait to “join the firing squad”, both the Left and the Right.

“They are all the same. The Left and the Right – the same bunch of vermin. They don’t care about Serbia and Kosovo and the Serb people wherever they live. Have you seen anyone who hasn’t rushed to say ‘Vucic is a traitor,’” said Orlic, accusing the opposition of fighting for cheap political points and of even opting for the country’s ruin if that is to bring them political gain.

Orlic said it would be a disaster for Serbia if Vucic were to withdraw as head of state and SNS leader.

“Can you imagine Serbia being led by anyone other than Vucic? You will not find a single SNS member who will say anything other than Vucic as the leader of the party and Serbia,” said Orlic.