Pendarovski: Record-low citizens’ trust in judiciary, rule of law

NEWS 01.12.2022 15:56
Source: Anadolija/Umeys Sulejman

North Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski said that the citizens’ trust in the judiciary and rule of law is at a record-low level and that the lack of legal certainty is one of the main reasons why young people are emigrating.

„We are witnesses that the lack of legal certainty and the feeling that party and national affiliation are more important than the knowledge and skills one possesses are among the main reasons for the emigration of a large number of young people,“ Pendarovski told the 5th plenary session of the National Convention for the European Union in North Macedonia.

He pointed out that people who are well-established in society and have careers and a good living standard are also among those leaving the country because a functional state and rule of law is a matter of quality of life.

Pendarovski said it has been over 15 years since the first major judicial reform of 2015 and that the citizens’ trust in the judiciary and in the rule of law is at a record-low.

„The general impression among our citizens is, unfortunately, that some of the reforms undertaken are either not sustainable in the long term or do not have the necessary level of direct, positive impact on the people’s day-to-day life. This particularly applies to the many changes and announced changes in the area of the rule of law,“ said Pendarovski.

The President of North Macedonia said that the process of the country’s integration into the European Union depends on Brussels and on the member states, “but mostly on us.”

“We are not carrying out reforms to satisfy European bureaucrats, but to fundamentally change our society and the work of our institutions that a large percentage of our people is not satisfied with,” said Pendarovski, adding this means that the focus should not be on the technical fulfillment of membership criteria, but on the quality of the process.