Petkovic: Kurti’s new attack on the Serbs

Source: Kancelarija za Kosovo i Metohiju

Head of the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo Petar Petkovic said that the Kosovo police in the village of Velika Hoca tried to seize 40,000 liters of wine from a local winery owned by a Serb.

Petkovic wrote on Twitter that this was (Kosovo Prime Minister Albin) “Kurti’s new attack on the Serbs south of the Ibar River.”

He said Kurti “sent his police to the center of Velika Hoca to seize from one of the oldest wineries, the Petrovic winery, 40,000 liters of wine. The locals gathered to defend their neighbor because they won’t allow Kurti’s harassment and terror.”

Radio Gorazdevac reported that members of the Kosovo police and customs officers arrived in Velika Hoca to inspect the wine producers. The Radio’s reporter said that the police and customs office operation disturbed the village and that the locals assembled outside the Petrovic winery.