Petkovic: Where would the dinar be discussed if not in Brussels?

NEWS 27.02.202417:48
Kancelarija za KiM

Head of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija Petar Petkovic said following the Tuesday round of talks in Brussels that he agreed with European Union (EU) Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajcak that the use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo is a political issue that must be resolved at political level.

Petkovic told reporters in Brussels that the Tuesday talks were extremely difficult, but that the Belgrade delegation provided arguments, acted responsibly and very decisively.

“Explaining, but also pointing out the catastrophic consequences of (Kosovo Prime Minister) Albin Kurti’s unilateral decision to abolish the dinar and ban payment operations with Serbia and, consequently, also salaries, pensions and social transfers for 100,000 Serbs, but also for the Gorani, Egyptians, Turks…” said Petkovic.

He emphasized that the fact that he is in Brussels, unlike Pristina’s chief negotiator Besnik Bislimi, shows Belgrade’s resolve to solve all problems through dialogue.

“The meeting showed that a decision regarding the unilateral regulation of the so-called Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) implies a solution at political level. That is why I was there, but Mr. Bislimi was not. The consequences are political and affect the survival of the Serbs,” Petkovic said.

He added it is true, as Bislimi said, that the dinar has not been discussed in the dialogue so far, “but since this decision directly affects the life and survival of the Serbs, tramples on the process of normalization of relations, of course it will be discussed in Brussels. Where else if not here.”

Petkovic explained that the experts who represented Pristina at the Tuesday talks cannot solve anything or pass any decisions.

“As a responsible party, we will do all in our power to ensure that a solution is found in Brussels,” said Petkovic.

He stressed that the CBK regulation not only affects the Serb people, but also Serbia’s institutions in Kosovo – schools, hospitals and kindergartens – that are the foundation for the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM), which Kurti keeps refusing.

Petkovic said he expects the talks on the dinar to continue, and that Belgrade will respond the minute Lajcak’s invitation arrives.