Pisonero: EC regrets Belgrade’s decision on Europride


The European Commission regrets the decision by the Serbian authorities to cancel or postpone Europride, EC spokeswoman Ana Pisonero told N1.

“We regret that Serbia announced it would cancel or postpone the Europride that it had initially decided to host in Belgrade this September and would welcome further clarifications,” Pisonero said in a written reply to N1 adding that the European Commission will follow the issue closely.

“We hope that a way will be found to ensure the Europride takes place in peace and security,” she said and recalled that the EU supports equality and rejects any form of discrimination.

“The Europride has been advocating the equal rights of LGBTIQ people across Europe for many years, giving a voice to those that are often discriminated because of their sexual orientation. These are fundamental rights for the EU and that we expect our closest partners to uphold,” Pisonero said in her written reply.