PM Brnabic attends Human Rights Conference at EuroPride


Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic told the International Human Rights Conference within EuroPride 2022 that “it is good to talk” and that she is “probably the only person discriminated against by both communities.”

The Prime Minister was booed by dozens of LGBT activists on her arrival at the Belgrade Youth Center that is hosting the Conference.

“I think it is good to talk and I don’t think this is a dialogue and I am probably the only person here who is discriminated against by both communities, and the first politician in this country and region who was not scared and ashamed to be LGBT. This is my battle,” said Brnabic.

The activists in the conference hall shouted “We want Pride,” “We want our human rights,” “Pride is protest,” and booed the Prime Minister.

“I am doing my best, I have increased the visibility of the community,” said Brnabic, adding: “I am pushing the boundaries by at least a meter, you do the same and things will be equal for everyone, stop criticizing. I have given myself no other right than what you have and that is not a lot of rights. I did not get married,” said Brnabic.

Reacting to the shouts “We are walking on Saturday”, Brnabic said: “No one can stop you, because that is a fundamental human right.”

“We would not be here if I hadn’t signed the letter of support. You wouldn’t have Pride that you have since 2014, since the party I belong to enabled this in Belgrade and Serbia. We are pushing the boundaries here because this is the first EuroPride in Southeast Europe,” said Brnabic, to which the activists shouted “But your police banned it.”

“I have to say, frankly – I am satisfied because Belgrade has been chosen for us to talk about these problems,” said the Prime Minister.

The Serbian Interior Ministry adopted Tuesday a decision on formally banning the EuroPride 2022 march as well as the “anti-globalists’” family march, both scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 17 in Belgrade, said the Ministry.