PM Brnabic for Politico: Democracy extends well beyond election day

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Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic wrote in an op-ed for Politico magazine that democracy extends well beyond election day and that the opposition could play a notable role in extensive agenda expecting the next Serbian government.

All participants, including those disappointed with the election results should engage in the postelectoral process, Brnabic wrote in the article.

She recalled that Serbia held early elections on December 17, 2023, as a direct response to calls from the opposition for snap elections at the parliamentary and local levels.

The opposition campaign, the PM stressed, focused on insulting President Aleksandar Vucic rather than offering any sort of vision, goals or ideology, and she assessed that it was a campaign that even the opposition parties understood couldn’t bring victory.

She also noted that it was the opposition politicans who asked for the snap elections but it was them who “explicitly communicated to itnernational election observers, prior to the voting day, that they wouldn’t recognise the outcome.”

“Since 2019, the Serbian government’s institutional collaboration with the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) has led to substantial progress in electoral reforms. So far, 14 ODIHR recommendations have been fully implemented; another 14 mostly executed; and 29 more partially acted upon — all of which demonstrates a strong commitment to democratic governance,” Brnabic wrote.

The PM also emphasised that in its Preliminary Elections Statement, the ODIHR International Election Observation Mission (IEOM) positively evaluated the voting process in 93 percent of the 1,220 polling stations it observed and identified only 13 serious irregularities, and praised the Republic Electoral Commission’s (REC) enhanced communication and transparency.

She went on to say that Serbia has taken on a vast array of reforms over the past 11 years of SNS’ rule, passing constitutional amendments that have dramatically reduced political influence in the judiciary, also made strides toward media freedom, adopting an ambitious set of media laws, and in the fight against corruption, the government has remained committed to working with the EU and relevant bodies, “surpassing the performance of many European countries.”

“These are just some of the results presented by Vucic and the SNS coalition in their election campaign, with the promise that Serbia would further accelerate reforms and growth. And looking ahead, the next Serbian government is set to embark on an ambitious agenda,” Brnabic wrote in the article.

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